About Me - NAV

Born and raised in British Columbia, Neil has always been near the coast of North America, from Los Angeles to Whistler. Spending twenty plus years in the Cowichan Valley* he developed his love and appreciation of nature. Neil has been practicing photography on some level for 30+ years. The past fifteen years have been dedicated to learning photography to its fullest. He started out with a little Kodak 110 and 35mm film cameras before taking moving into digital photography in 2002. Neil has explored many types of photography but his most passionate subjects are flora and landscape. A resident of the Coquitlam, BC, on the west coast of Canada, Neil has some of North Americas most beautiful coastal forests at his doorstep. His images are observations on the details of the nature and landscapes that surround him. Neil has had his images published in Canadian Geographic, local newspapers and was selected by Province of British Columbia for a collaborative project named 'PicBC'. Along with photography, Neil enjoys birding, hiking and spending time with his wife, Lauren and their two cats, Angus and Bean.

 * What is "The Warm Land"?

Originally named The Warm Land by the First Nations peoples, the Cowichan region is located in Canada's only Maritime Mediterranean climatic zone, resulting in the warmest mean year round temperature anywhere in Canada. A truly unique combination of warmth and moisture throughout the year has resulted in lush plant growth and spectacular vistas.

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